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    I've recently subscribed to Globe Tattoo Home Broadband I need Help.


      I don't know what happened. A group of people walked by the house asking us, if we want to subscribed to Globe Tattoo Home Broadband. and that time we really need an Internet Connection so we agreed. they look like suspicious but they said they're working with this group Source Point Manpower & Consultancy they say they'll hook us up with a 5 mbps. I said "Cool just what I need". So they hooked us up and it's really a 5 mbps the moment I checked in on my PC. so days passed and I notice my internet connection goes slow, My download speed was 400 kb/s on Steam and now it went up to 100 kb/s which is a 2 mbps connection (correct me if I'm wrong).


      I asked Globe on Twitter @talk2GLOBE about what happened and they replied that

      "May we verify if this is a newly installed account? We cannot pull up an active account under the said name. Thanks."


      still asking for info about this situation. any reply of help will do.


      02/07/16 the date I've subscribed