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    How long does it really take to apply for a postpaid line? (been waiting for 3 wks now) Did they lose my documents?


      So, I applied for a postpaid line online and attached all pertinent documents. The next day, an agent called me, conducted an initial interview, then asked if it is okay to redirect the application to the SM Makati store. I agreed.


      Two days later, I received a call from SM Makati Globe asking to be connected to the HR department of my company to verify my employment details. I was also told to submit the requirements again, so I did personally go there and handed in the papers. They said it would only take 3-5 working days before I get the result.


      I made a follow-up through the customer care hotline, but the agent told me there was no update yet and they'll be calling me back within the next 48 hours, but no call was made.


      I got another a call again from the SM Makati store a week later asking me when I was going to submit my required documents. I explained that I already submitted them in person in their store a week ago. The lady said they'll be checking their records. Feeling a bit confused, I called the hotline again to follow-up, and the agent said there was NO note under my application stating I have submitted anything, but she promised to place a memo so the store could double check. She gave me a ticket number and advised that the store will get in touch with me in the next 48 hours. Again, I got no call.


      It's been three weeks now and I haven't got any update from the customer hotline nor the store. Is this a usual occurence with Globe postpaid application? Any advice? thanks in advance!