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    February 19, 2016  GLOBELINES Customer Service  The Management,           Sir/ma’am good day, I am RONDY VILLAR KADUSALE legal age, married and presently residing in McArthur hi-way, San Vicente, Apalit Pampanga. I am the former Branch Manager of Luzon Ra


      February 19, 2016



      Customer Service


      The Management,

                Sir/ma’am good day, I am RONDY VILLAR KADUSALE legal age, married and presently residing in McArthur hi-way, San Vicente, Apalit Pampanga. I am the former Branch Manager of Luzon Ramcycles Inc. Bacoor branch in Aguinaldo hi-way, Talaba 7, Bacoor Cavite and with Outlet in Tanza Cavite.

               I sent you this letter because of having problem in your Company. Last June 2013 our Outlet in Tanza Cavite was transfer to another building which is far from the former Outlet building but still inside Tanza Cavite area. We transfer due to some problem of the building owner. So, me and our Main Office located at Sta Rosa st., Dumaguete City Negros Oriental decided to transfer also our telephone line. So I instruct my OIC RED WILLIAMS BAGUIO in Luzon Ramcycles Inc. Tanza Cavite to go to your Globelines Office in SM City Bacoor to ask the requirements of transferring our Telephone Line. After that He told me that we need to submit our Business permit, and Security Exchange Commission (SEC) Registration. So immediately I called up our Main Office and asked them to send me a copy of our SEC Registration. Then RED WILLIAMS BAGUIO submit the said papers to Globelines Office in SM City Bacoor. After that, October 2013 I was transferred to Luzon Ramcycles Inc. Gerona Tarlac Branch in the same position as Branch Manager. So because I was transferred to Gerona Tarlac I have no knowledge of what happened to the papers which RED WILLIAMS BAGUIO submitted to your office in SM City Bacoor and also on December 2013, I don’t know that RED WILLIAMS BAGUIO resigned from his position as OIC and go home to Negros Oriental.  After 1 year and 5 months which is March 2015, Roy Trazona the one who take over as Branch Manager in Luzon Ramcycles Inc. Bacoor Branch called me that the new OIC of Luzon Ramcycles Inc. Tanza Outlet received a Globe Telephone bill which amounted to approximately P9,000 plus. So I told Roy Trazona to pleased go to your office in SM City Bacoor to asked why it happened that there is a bill received in our Outlet in Tanza Cavite. After going to your office He said, that they were arguing about the bill where RED WILLIAM BAGUIO already submitted the papers needed for transfer. So after that I thought it was already settled because ROY TRAZONA did not call me anymore. But last December 2015 again ROY TRAZONA called me that there is bill again received in Tanza Outlet.

               To the Globelines Management, your personnel in Globelines Office in SM City Bacoor told to ROY TRAZONA that they don’t found record that RED WILLIAMS BAGUIO submitted papers for transfer.

              If they don’t received papers for transfer, why they don’t sent bills every month to our office so that we will be aware? Because RED WILLIAMS BAGUIO already resigned in our office. Why it takes a year and 5 months before our office received bill from your office? RUSI and LUZON RAMCYCLES INC.  is only one and we are now nationwide and we are your solid customer, all LUZON RAMCYCLES INC. and RUSI Branches and Outlets which have a Globe signal is your customer. Why they don’t call our office that we have to settle this account number so that it will not reached to a bigger amount bill? I am sure that there is no usage of telephone calls because I personally brought the telephone dial pad to Bacoor Branch and you can also check that number if there is a usage.

              By this situation of our Telephone line account, this gives me a big problem because the Luzon Ramcycles Inc. management will not shoulder the Bill amount which you have sent to our Outlet. I will be the one to shoulder the bill amount and I think I am not liable of the bill because I transfer to Gerona Tarlac Branch on that time. So please SIR/MA’AM help me to solve this problem. My salary is not enough to pay the bill you sent in our Outlet. I have children that needs my salary.

              I am hoping that you will help me about this problem and consider LUZON RAMCYCLES INC. and RUSI as your solid customer.

              Thank you and God bless.


                  Telephone Number: (046) 505 2682

                  Account name         : Luzon Ramcycles Inc.







                                                                                                      RONDY V. KADUSALE