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    Postpaid application disappointing experience


      I was approved a few days ago and was scheduled to have my sim card and phone delivered today.


      after waiting the whole day (because they wouldn't allow an authorization letter for someone else to accept it for me even if banks / credit cards does so whatever).


      at around 9pm I called the sales hotline to ask for an update, was told they didn't deliver because they were calling a number not connected to my account (have no idea where they got that number)  and it wasn't being answered.


      now, I asked if I could just pick it up at a specific store, I was told nope


      so my only options are to take another leave of absence to wait if they call the wrong number again and not deliver my phone and sim.


      or to cancel my application and apply at the store, so I'm thinking of option 2, but upon checking they already charged my card.


      so now I'm at the mercy of whoever will deliver my stuff, the group that handles that, and the frustrating csr experience that took my calls (1csr didn't send the correct report we discussed, 2nd csr told me it was too complicated for her,  probably because it was 10pm already, seriously where's the work ethics ) .


      honestly, if they hadn't charged my card yet I wouldn't have gone through with my application after this experience if this is what I'm gonna look forward to in the next 2 years.


      do I even bother to put the reference number here or just wait for the joke that's called "pls wait for 24 to 48 hours for someone to call and maybe he or she will sort you out."