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    Why Is My Ping In Online Gaming Too High?


      As the title says, why is my ping in online gaming too high? Whenever I play an online game like Dota 2 and Left 4 Dead 2, I get a ping of around 130ms to 140ms. It's usually exactly at 136ms. I rarely get a ping that's lower than 100ms.


      I say that this is too high because my brother whose internet connection is the same as mine (3MBPS Internet-Only), is having a consistent ping at aroung 70-80ms.


      The following images is my brother pinging the Valve servers, showing around 80ms ping. And his trace route shows no spikes when the data goes to or through the server in Hong Kong.


      This is my trace route and it apparently shows two spikes, the lines of HKG and



      And this is my ping:


      Why am I getting a worse connection when me and my brother are paying and are playing with the same kind of internet plan?
      Another thing is, my ping is good when my internet was newly connected, about two years ago. A few months in, and it gets worse.


      1. Why is my ping in online gaming so high?

      2. Why is my ping not as good as my brother's when we have the same internet plan.

      3. Why am I experiencing ping spikes when my data goes through Hong Kong servers and the last one before Singapore?