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    about my load


      i dont receive any load yesterday from autoloadmax for my tipid load plan 300

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          Hi blueroses, it's best that you call 730-1010 or go to your nearest Globe store.

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            Hi bluroses, so have you resolved this problem of yours already? Bcoz I've been experiencing the same problem as well, since Feb until now might I add. I've done some calls and went to globe stores already but to my disappointment they've done nothing more than accepting my queries and acquiring my account info. I've done tweeting and sending a pm on Facebook and still nada. Oh and did I mentioned that I paid P2,100 as cash advance for 7 months? Yep, I did that. It's been 10 months already and the amount due to my account is a never changing -P2,100, yes that's a negative. A truly wonderful experience.