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    How long does it usually take to get the 4-digit paypal verification code?


      I have linked the GCash Amex to Paypal, and asked for it to be verified. I got charged $2. This was last week, Feb 15. I have been writing to [email protected] for the code, no reply (except for the automated reply). I called 2882 and they suggested that i email [email protected], which i did, only to be told to email another address, which promptly got ignored as well.


      i called 2882 again, and the agent said that it's the MPIN, and i need to reset it, the paypal code is the same as the MPIN. So, i stupidly followed the advice, changed my MPIN, to no avail. Then I called 2882 again, and they suggested that I ask Paypal to resend the code. I did, and got charged for $2 again.


      What else can one do to get the paypal verification code?