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    UNRESOLVED Issue for Months now


      We have experienced this problem since October and reported every time. And up to now, we are still experiencing the same issue. The technicians themselves could not identify the real problem of the connection. They ma bring back the connection a minute or two after they left our house, it's back to the issue again.


      Problem: We experience intermittent internet connections. SSID/Wifi name duplicates and this leads to loss of connection. 1 secured and 1 open connection to same SSID.


      A number of technicians already did onsite visits. Changed the modem and even changed the lines (according to techs). But nothing has changed. Even the technicians said they do not know what to do anymore. So what should we do? Just leave it like that? No remedies?


      It is so frustrating since we are a subscriber for almost 10 years now of Globe.


      I hope, or, you must put an end to this issue.