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    Mislead by Globe website and agents


      Globe has mislead/disappointed me a lot of times. These are some of the instances:

      1. February 2014, I was offered UnliSurf Plan for 499 at a Globe store. I asked if this can be used outside the country and the store agents said yes. The agent I was talking to confirmed it with the other agents in the store. I gave the sim to my uncle and he tried to use it in the US but couldn't open a single web page. I called the hotline and the agent said that it's only for local use and good thing it didn't work in the US or else I would have been charged a hefty amount for data roaming.
      2. June 2014, I've requested for re-contract with phone and waited for a long time for someone to call just for verification. I was glad when an agent finally called. Then another agent called and I was told that the plan and phone were no longer offered for a long time. Then why is the website still displaying the plan and phone? In the end, I didn't go for a re-contract and kept my old plan for almost 2 years.
      3. October 2014, I had my line temporarily deactivated because I was going to stay out of the country for more than a year. The agent told me that it will only be reactivated once I've requested for it. On my 2nd month outside the country, I was shocked to see that I have to pay the MSF even when my line was deactivated. I called the hotline and an agent told me that the deactivation was only effective for 30 days and I would need request for it every month so I won't have to pay anything.
      4. 2 weeks ago, I've talked to 2 hotline agents for re-contract and both confirmed that I can add boosters to the MyLifestyle Plan 499 Line-Only with 3GB data promo. The new plan took effect today and I have tried to add Duo 299 via the website twice. The subscription failed so I've decided to call the hotline for someone to assist me in adding the booster. After 40 minutes on the line, the agent said that I couldn't add boosters because I already got the plan as a promo. It's either I keep the promo or give it up for a regular My Lifestyle Plan just to add the boosters I need.


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          Hmm. You can file this misleading and have rebates naman po. However, dapat pinapacheck mo sa kanila ulit.



          Example, Tumawag ka ngayon to have this implemented.
          After a one bill cycle, tawag ka ulit. Confirm mo ung charges and they will explain nila un.