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    When does the Monthly Data Cap reset?


      Nakasubscribe ako sa 5Mbps Plan(1599) sa Globe Tattoo Home Broadband, just subscribed last month.

      Umaabot yung speed ko ng 4.5Mbps noon upon checking it on speedtest.net. Ngayon 1.5Mbps nalang.

      I'm assuming this is because I have reached my Monthly Data Cap(I download a lot of heavy games).

      So ang tanong ko ay kailan ito babalik? Does it have a fixed date for everyone?(ex. for the 1st day of the month, everyone's cap resets) or depende ito kung kailan ako ng subscribe?

      BTW, my upload speed is extremely low. Bali pag may naguupload/stream, ping spike talaga. Is there anyway to fix this one?