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    Super Sakto Calls Problem


      This pertains to P.015 per second calls to Globe/TM.

      (232+11 DIGIT NO.)


      I m having trouble calling 2 of our contacts with prefix 0977

      After dialling, a recorded message says "The no. you have dialled is incorrect"

      I tried calling other prefix such as 0917, 0916 and there was no problem.


      Can someone help me please?

      Is something wrong with 0977 prefix?

      Thanks in advance.

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          Paulo D

          Hi dr34mer,


          Has this been resolved? You can refer to this link Cannot Make Calls | Troubleshooting | Help and Support to learn more. You may also get in touch with any of our support channels listed at Contact Us for further assistance.


          Hope this helps.

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              Hi Paulo!

              This has not been resolved

              It has been 5 days since I reported it to hotline and CSR.

              How many days does it take for tech support to fix this glitch?


              As I have been told, 0977 is a new prefix for postpaid and prepaid.


              There is no problem using 232 for other prefixes. I tried calling 0916 and 0917 and it works. It is just for 0977 that cannot make or receive 232 calls.


              Is there someone here who can confirm and verify with Globe tech team?

              Or if this issue is being addressed already??

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                  This could be some system related problem.

                  I did however try using my 0917xxxxxxx postpaid to call 232977xxxxxxx (postpaid) and the phone rang. I then tried using the 0977xxxxxxx postpaid to call 232917xxxxxxx and it still connected.

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                      Thanks for ur feedback RNav!


                      Our 0977 contact is a prepaid number.

                      Alright, so this is a prepaid glitch then.

                      I will make a follow up complaint.

                      Tech support is so slow

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                          dr34mer I just tried dialing 232 + my 977 prepaid number using postpaid 917 and postpaid 977. Both worked naman. Hoping your issue can be fixed. 

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                              That's strange.

                              so it's just our sim then.


                              I tried calling 0917 to 232977 - not ok

                              0977 to 232917 no problem. Other phone rings.


                              I wonder what could be wrong.

                              I discovered another issue just now.

                              I tried one of the 0977 prepaid no. And it is unable to send share a load but it can receive.


                              Is it possible to have the sim replaced?

                              To be honest, nakakapagod na to ha. Baka there are other issues that we are not aware of.

                              Calling or reporting seems pointless.