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    Unposted payment


      Good day! I ordered a phone and it was already delivered last feb 5th, i paid out the msf for 2499 and the phone's cash out of 4800 for the total of 7299. I have an acknowledgment receipt provided by the courier. My question is, how long does it take to post the cash out payment? Because now i have receive my bill saying that my total is 5773.33, break down includes the 800+ prorated for the plan and the 4800 cash out again which i already paid for upon delivery. I called 211 and was told that it takes time for the courier to report cash out. How long does it usually takes to post it? Does it really takes almost a month? Have this happened to any one as well? And why this cash outs diesnt post right away while the advance plan payment are post asap with receipt sent through email. Help pls.

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          Arnel S. Bansil

          Hi Khyra. Sorry about the experience. I agree it shouldn't take this long for your payment to be posted. You may contact our hotline to have your account checked, and also advise them that it's been almost a month already since you paid the cash-out. Hope this helps.