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    How to cancel gcash transfer


      I have a gcash acct that was deactivated on feb. 13. Someone sent money on feb. 15 because she and i was not aware that it was no longer active. I am currently in the us so i cannot go to globe myself to fix this problem. I need to return her money. globe should really make it not possible for people to send money to inactive accts. she has already called 211 and 2882 to no help. I read online on gcash faqs that the Sender can cancel the transfer by going to the branch the transfer was made at, which she did already and again no help. Pls help with this cause this is such a big hassle to deal with. The money is not going anywhere AT ALL. My brother went to globe as well and the csr checked my acct and told him that there is NO MONEY in the acct which means it didn't even receive her transfer. Basically the money disappeared and globe benefitted with the money. I've emailed a week ago and have gotten NO response. Emailed them again earlier and will continue to bombard them til they get back.