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    LTE Sim activation


      6 days have passed and my LTE sim remains inactive. I was ecstatic when my handset was delivered on time, but I am a bit disappointed with CS so far. I have been very patient in making all the follow-up calls up to now, I even went to a globe store last Friday, but they were unable to activate my sim because the system has not yet reflected that I have already received my handset.


      I already received the receipt (via e-mail) of my pre-termination fee and I was hoping that at the very least, by now, the fact that I have already received the handset would already be reflected in the system.


      Since the CSR advised me to call globe's 211 hotline again today, I just did. But was told by a recorded voice over that they are currently experiencing system difficulties at the moment.


      I understand the limitations of the system, I have been very patient up to now. But is there any specific standard for the limits of patience? If my LTE sim is not yet activated after the lapse of 6 days, do I already have the right to be somehow pissed? I do not like talking disrespectfully to agents who do their best to patiently answer my queries and my requests, but is there someone out there who can really do something about my case?

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          Arnel S. Bansil

          Hi Raquel. I agree that activating your LTE SIM card should be a quick and easy process. Since 211 was experiencing technical difficulty at the time, I suggest tweeting @talk2Globe instead to check your LTE activation status. Hope this helps.

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              Hi nelskib, I already tweeted @talk2Globe last Feb 25, and until now there is still no feedback.

              I called the hotline numerous times last Monday and was able to talk to an agent who gave me this reference number for future follow-ups: 112441638. My sim is still not yet activated as of this date, it has been more than a week now.


              I rested from doing the follow-ups since that call I had on Monday, I plan to call the hotline again next week (if my sim is not yet activated by that time).


              Patience is key, I guess.


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              why dont globe just put lte checker when dialing *143#