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    Scam texts


      I have a concern. I have received A LOT of scam text messages saying that my postpaid account has been charged or has been deactivated and wants me to follow instructions which I know is to share a load. I actually received 12 messages yesterday from 12 different numbers. It is alarming. I wonder how they know my number and that it is postpaid. Anyone who has the same experience?

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          You can REPORT SCAM TEXT at this page www.globe.com.ph/stopspam



          Are you a new subscriber? You may have been given a recycled no. I receive spam occasionally. Not as many as12 messages though. That is excessive and irritating. Best to report, block and ignore. I use my phone to just block. I believe you can download apps in Playstore or iOS which you can use to block nos. using certain keywords

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            Hi ruscelle. I'm experiencing the same problem. I get about 5-7 spams a day and I chose to ignore all of them for now. I They may have a software/application that sends SMS to randomly generated mobile numbers because I've called the numbers (of the senders) and most of them are nonexistent.

            It would be very beneficial in the future if they record all customers and their mobile numbers to easily trace the sender's of spam/scam messages. Other countries require you to present your ID and submit your info even if you are buying a prepaid sim only.

            I'm thinking of writing a code that sends spam messages to those numbers (who you're supposed to send load to) in the future. I'm just too lazy to do it for now. Hahaha!


            They should be careful because they may messing with a cranky software/system developer who may flood them with spam SMS in the future.