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    Tattoo Broadband 1599 Data Cap Exceeded after 1st week of use


      We have switched to Globe on mid-2015 and availed the 1599 plan at 5mbps speed with 60gb monthly data cap. The internet usage at our household is mainly for browsing, watching youtube, skype chat for about an hour a day, with only 3-4 devices connected. Everything seems to be working fine for the previous months until December. We have received a text from Globe around the first week of December advising that we have already exceeded our 60gb limit. The internet speed had dropped to 0.5mbps which was veryyy slow. We have reported this to the customer support and they have escalated the issue. We have been advised that this might be a system error so they've brought back our 5mbps internet.


      On January 8, we have experienced the same issue. The internet speed dropped to 0.5mbps and we were advised that we have already used up all the 60gb data just within 8 days which is NOT realistic kasi wala halos gumagamit ng net at home. No online games, no streaming, no downloading of torrents etc. We are no longer using skype since January also. We have escalated the issue and was advised to wait for 24-48hours for feedback. We have tried to call the customer support EVERY DAY, sometimes more than twice a day para kulitin sila. Gumagawa lang sila ng escalations everytime and pending feedback from admin and support daw. This went on for 2 months na. We have tried to talk to supervisors, we've even tried to have our modem replaced but the issue prevails.


      On February, we've started monitoring our data usage. During the 5 hours from the time na mareset yung net, naka4gb na agad kame while there's  no one at home to use the net. and it seems na we're using 10gb+ a day from  our observations since chinecheck namen with the customer support everyday yung data usage. We've tried to explain sa mga customer representative yung issue, and they do agree na it will be impossible for us to consume that much of data sa way ng paggamit namen ng net. When we escalated the issue again on February 1st(aside from our escalations almost every day), we found that they have CLOSED our escalation for the month of January kasi daw NAREFRESH NA YUNG INTERNET KASI BAGONG MONTH NA. Is this the process? The escalations are deemed solved when the system refreshes? We have not received a single feedback from the admin and support team or anyone from Globe regarding what really happened. Kahit yung supervisor na nakausap namen na tatawagan daw kame at hindi na kame binalikan.   Eto pa, there had been an issue sa internet within Las Pinas from around Feb 8 to 16, and or internet was down. We've been calling Globe within this period and monitor our usage still, and to our surprise, nagcconsume kame ng around 2-4gb a day kahit wala kameng net.


      Based on the facts, we really believe that this is a system related issue. This is getting really frustrating and we do hope that we get a response from you and we hope that the issue will be fixed. Thank you.