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    "Internet Booster" "Signal Booster"


      I am using a Cherry Mobile X330 Flare S3 Octa Core (3G Smartphone) and a Globe Sim Card (2 years old). I am currently residing at Western Bicutan, Taguig City, and I must say that the internet connection and signal is very good in our residence. However, since February 28, 2016 until now, I have a problem connecting on my data. I also have a problem on my signal, and even my neighbors are asking, “bakit walang signal?” “ang bagal ng internet”. I do not know why but it is true, we have no service right now. They say you must turn off your phone and remove your sim card, but it does not work. I actually insert a SMART sim on my phone and it is working, and when I open my data, I have an H+. Therefore, I go to point that someone on our area was using a thing call “signal booster” or “internet booster”. I do not know but that was on my mind, someone was hacking your GLOBE service on our area. On the other hand, maybe GLOBE was fixing something on our area. Please help us get back the signal and internet connection. Thank you and I really enjoy your freebies. God [email protected]