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    New Postpaid Line, No Service even the line is Active


      I applied for a new postpaid line last Friday and was told me that my sim will be up in 24-42 hours according to the sales rep in Cash and Carry. I checked last Sunday but sadly I don't have signal yet. I tried to call Globe Customer Service Hotline and I entered the serial number of my simcard for activation and it says that it will be activated within 24 to 42 hours. So I have to wait for additional 2 days. I tried tweeting, DMing, emailing Globe Customer Service but they just keep on asking me questions that wouldn't resolve my problem. I also tried several troubleshooting which include manual network/cellular setup, trying out my simcard to various handsets and hard restarting my phone. Until I got an email from Globe, which is the response from my inquiry online, that my line is already active. BUT, upon checking my phone and do some troubleshooting again, still the signal isn't up yet. My last resort is to go at the Globe Store to help me resolve this. I am now thinking that maybe the sim is just defective.


      But have you guys experienced this? Maybe I missed some troubleshooting techniques, please do share.