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    Re-contracting but still no available units & multiple frustration.


      My contract ended last Feb 11 & a week before that a globe customer called me if I'm interested in re-contracting, and so i say yes. to make the story short the CS that talk to me process my application & promise a update within a week. Week pass still no update receive from globe, So i follow up regarding my re-contracting but the agent that talked to me said that no application was made during that time because no units available (BTW the unit is iPhone 6s 64GB Space Grey / Silver for plan 1799). So i was like WTF!! Really & the agent offered me that she will be the one who will make the application for me & will set it for manual allocation since there are no unit available. What really frustrated me is that if you don't call them you won't get an update regarding to your application & they can't give you a definite time when there will be a new available units. its almost 1 month now & still no unit available & last Monday when i follow again (for countless time) the agent told me that since there is no available unit i had reapply for re-contracting. Really Globe?? is this how how treated your loyal customer for two years, i think its about time to end my contract from globe. Thanks for a couple of years of bad services!!!

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          I'm so sorry you have to go through that. Re-contracting should be a simple thing. However, when the demand for the device is high, Globe can fail to meet the expectations.


          I highly suggest you call the Globe Rewards team (211 and select the option for Rewards) or 7301300. They are the team responsible for re-contracting. They are better at doing re-contracting than Outbound callers who may or may not be real Globe representatives. If a unit is available, they will be able to re-contract it without asking you for a form provided that your new plan is within limits of your old plan (as long as it's not an upgrade). They will schedule a delivery date to your service address or you can request a pick-up to the Globe store nearest you. If a unit is not available and you really want that device, you better call back. These Rewards representatives cannot call you back and you wouldn't want them to arrange a callback from the "support team" as this support them is almost close to imaginary.


          Globe's services can be fascinating at its best, but hellish at its worst. Nonetheless, I've been loyal to them and had re-contracted with them over 4 times, and have 4 active lines. =).