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    Postpaid bill Overcharging


      I am on Plan 1,799 and have been overly charged on my billing for the past two months. Upon checking on the printed billing for the first month, i noticed that i am being charged with Pre-termination fee which i should not pay because i have finished my previous plan/contract, spotify which i did not avail, and "Built-in Unli Call & text to Globe/TM which is included in my plan as booster and appears twice or double entry in the monthly recurring fee (MRF) thus being charged twice on the corresponding amount of the said booster. In the second month billing, the same booster was again charged twice.  I have already paid my bill for the first month but did not pay for the "extra" charges.

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      It has been time consuming going to the Globe Telecom Center in our area couple of times just to lobby my concern and settle the billing. Some of the "extra" charges were already waived due that is has been clarified but the double charging on the booster is still not settled. As advised, i called the hotline last February 22, 2016 requesting the double charged booster on the first billing be waived and un-tagging of the the double entry (Yes, that is my concern!!) so that it wont repeatedly be included in the MRF and not be added in the monthly due  however there is no update until now being assured by the agent that i'd get a feedback within 48 hours.

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      This is to call the attention of globe telecom and also to follow up my concern. Hoping for a fast response.


      Thank you.