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    enroll 0995 register trouble


      Hi there


      Last Monday I got myself a brand new Lenovo A5000 mobile with a Globe prepaid 0995 prefix number,

      while my wife, Ma'am Rhea Kristine G. got herself a brand new Lenovo A7-30 Table with a Globe postpaid 0917 prefix.


      Now the trouble is, while I managed to enrol my wife's 0917 number into my Globe Account,

      I don't manage that with my brand new 0995 prefix!


      The error message that I got, is:

      "We cannot find the account that you are trying to enroll. Please check your entry and try again."


      If I try again too many times, then I have to wait for 24+ Hours, as I get blocked out!


      I have tried with two different 0995 prefix numbers, both of them with the same error message!


      How to get this issue fixed???


      I can send and receive texts, even enroll at promos, and my main number I even enrolled at the GServices app,

      so I think that Globe has/have some severe issue(s) here!