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    slow internet


      I apply a plan 1299 3 Mbps with landline and UNLI bundle for 24 months it means ulimitted bundle for internet

      why I always received a SMS notification  stating that you used already 80Gb  of your globe home broadband plans  internet allowance

      upon full consumption of your allowance you may experience slow browsing...its unli internet why there is only 100gb data?

      I always having a slow internet connection!

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          Edward :)

          Hi.. there is no unlimited plan offer for now by GLOBE Its all consumable. Unlimited plan offered only for PLATINUM PLANS. Thanks.

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            When did you get your plan? Are you sure you are subscribe to Plan 1299 3Mbps or 1299 3Mbps? Because in Plan 1299 3 Mbps it only have a 50GB monthly data allowance. Now for the so called "unlimited" this is is under Plan 1299 2 Mbps once you reach certain data for the day or for the month your connection will slow down and will only return on the next cut-off. See the screenshots for the DSL plan below.