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    Cannot register to any prepaid promo and load was still deducted.


      I have two devices, one is a mobile phone and another is a mobile WiFi...
      Now it was stated at the response message of the service to wait and try again...
      I have tried too many times already. And just this morning as of 8:00AM i was deducted 50 pesos load (maybe because of the fact that I am trying to register to SUPERSURF50) on my mobile device!
      But when I have tried surfing a bit and turned off the mobile data, LOADWATCH suddenly informed me that I have been deducted Php 5.00 for connecting to the internet?


      Where did my Php 50.00 go? If I am not registered to SUPERSURF, then where? how did I get 50 pesos deduction from my prepaid load?

      It really is a big matter to me.

      Globe Service.Please fix and help.