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    No Cash Out?


      Does No cash Out means you will get the plan as soon as you got approved? or do you still need to pay 3months or 2? or any fees you need to pay for you to get the plan?

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          No Cash Out means you won't be paying for the handset or device during application/availment.


          In absence of PROOF OF FINANCIAL CAPACITY (POFC), you might be asked to pay 1 month advance MSF and 6 months pre-payment of MSF. Turn-Around-Time for postpaid application usually takes within 5 days; feedback within 3 days.


          if you work in BPO industry, you are required to submit POFC and pay 1 month advance MSF + 6 months pre-payment of MSF or POFC + credit card auto-charge enrollment + Charging of 1 month advance MSF from your credit card.