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      Hi I just want to report incident with my load yesterday, I subcribed to GOUNLI50, then this morning I received a text stated that the said promo are already expired, how come it will be expired? If the said promo is valid up to 3days, and when I'll to call your customer service, I cant connect because I do not have a load, my ass I have an emergency a while ago then this will happened. Can you improve your service at least customer service can be call eventhough we do not have a load? Can you imagine the hassle that you brought to me.

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          I had the same issue her with my SUPERSURF120

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            Paulo D

            Hi everyone,


            We're sorry you encountered this with your promo registration while we were conducting our system upgrade. Rest assured we'll send back the excess amount deducted from your load within 24 hours. Since your concern is account-specific, you may get in touch with any of our support channels listed at Contact Us for further assistance and check if load reversal is possible. Thank you for your understanding.

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                Thank you Mr.Paulo for the respond to our comments and thank you for the

                good quality service of your good company.




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