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    Recontracting Complain




      Dear Globe,




      I have a postpaid plan contract that will end on May 6. However, I wanted to grab the opportunity to avail of the Samsung Galaxy S7, which you guys opened for pre-order last March 4. My original plan was to do the recontracting on March 7, which technically leaves me 2 months short of completing the 24-month contract and will charge me a 2 month termination fee. However, when I called up to inquire about it last March 4, your loyalty agent told me that even if I did the recontracting on March 7, I'll still be subjected to a 3-month termination fee (instead of 2 months) because of the system. I confirmed with him if he was sure about it and he said yes. This forced me to proceed with the recontracting since I believed that I would be charged 3 months termination fee anyway. However, I really wasn't satisfied with his answer so I called your loyalty hotline again after a few minutes and asked about the termination charge. The 2nd agent told me that I will only be charged 2 months if I recontracted after March 6. This irked me knowing that the previous agent might have only told me that I will be charged 3 months so that I can go ahead with him processing my request. I called up yesterday to speak to a manager to complain about this but the agent told me to post it here in the Globe community and said that someone from Globe will address this here. I wasn't in a hurry to do the recontract. My complain is, I was somehow forced by your agent to do it by saying false things. Please sort this out.