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      I'm really disappointed on what's happening on your service right now!


      I registered on GOSAKTO yesterday which is 500mins of calls & 1000 txt to all network in 30DAYS FOR WORTH P300 (pesos). And then suddenly 8888 send me a message today that my promo is already expired! Wow! I haven't used my promo for 1day and yet you ate my load for worth P300!!!


      And FYI, this is my 3RD TIME that I experienced this issue on my old number. Most of them were worth of P150 load, and yet you never gave back my load and you're telling me that my reason were invalid!


      Please resolve this issue immediately! I know you're upgrading your service but please don't get to the point that you're consuming our load and not giving back to us!!!


      I paid P300 to it!!!!


      I'm looking forward to your action ASAP! PLEASE LANG!