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    Load issues


      1: Kakaload ko lang mga 30 mins ago. Hindi pa ako nagtetext or tumatawag. Magreregister pa nga lang dapat ako sa CA20 pero nabawasan na agad yung load ko.

      2: I live far from loading stations kaya kelangan ko ng extra load just in case, but I can't stock load kasi everyday nababawasan ng 2.50 yung load ko.


      Please please fix this. Sayang naman yung load ko na nawawala ng hindi ko naman ginagamit

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          Paulo D

          Hi siena,


          We're sorry you encountered this with your promo registration while we were conducting our system upgrade. Rest assured we'll send back the excess amount deducted from your load within 24 hours. Since your concern is account-specific, you may get in touch with any of our support channels listed at Contact Us for further assistance and check if load reversal is possible. Thank you for your understanding.

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            I encountered the same problem. This is so disappointing. I like to maintain load balance for emergency purposes but still everyday i lost 2.5 pesos. I loaded 50 pesos, i register to C20 and extend it for 5 pesos, instead of having 25 peso balance what i have now is 17.5 and everyday it is reduce by the same amount. I have no other subscription instead of that promo i have registered.