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    GCash KYC issue


      I went to the Globe store tonight to get myself KYC'ed, but I am still receiving a text saying I have reached my 5000 limit when I try to use my Virtual AMEX card. My transactions are also getting declined when I try to send money to other GCash users.


      I informed the same lady who processed my registration and she did confirm that I am already KYC'ed. She then had me call 2882 but the agent assured me that there was nothing wrong with my account and just instructed me to have my information updated at the store. So I went back to the lady at the Globe store to update my information, but upon checking if I can already make purchases online or send money to other people, the problem still persisted. The lady was as perplexed as I was so I decided to just go home and ask for help here.


      Can anyone please assist me?