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    I want to know my latest bill


      I want to know my latest bill, i keep checking my yahoomail waiting for the bill yet from the cut.off till today, no mail received from globe.

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          rubyhongayo Hi there. When is your cut-off? The bill is usually emailed after 5 days from your cut-off. 

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            i start 2/3/16 and after that i did not get my bill till now and i go to globe to chec i have payment with in 7 month that i did use.but before that my account did not use after 3/3/16 till now.but i saw that i still have payment even i did not use and the wifi have no signal to0 at 3/3/16 no more signal.so i am thinking that its alreday cut off cos no bill also they send in my email..but today i found out that i have payment from 3/3/16 till now..what cany i do for that case i dont want to pay without using it its show also in globe that that account is not use but still payment..i call in 211 but i forgot what is the number of my pocket wifi cos its already  done not working after no signal on 3/3/16