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    Extra Charges


      hi, i just want to ask, we have pocket wifi plan999, then last january we have extra charges  for 1500php as per costumer service we downloaded a games under gameloft but we are not downloading any games since we are just using the internet for facebook and skype only, and just to clear we did not pay that since january, ofcourse we are pretty sure that we are not downloading any games of gameloft, then this month we pay the monthly bill but they cut our internet service and forcing us to pay that hidden charges to reconnect our internet, they can't even tell us what kind of game is that, can someone from globe explain this senario,

      main question is why should we pay for that hidden charges,



      two of our freinds also exprience this kind of problem, one of them is using by his mother with 55 year old, would you think at that ages they will gonna play any games? what is going on guys?


      please kindly send reply to this email [email protected]


      thanks have a great day