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    Help me with a migration/change of network problem


      We own a Wimax internet from Globe. This is an old account. Probably about 2008 or 2009. We're not fussy people. We don't even call to demand a loyalty award. Sa span of about almost a decade, twice or so lang kami natawagan about loyalties.


      Our current problem is that we got a call last December. Ma-phase-out na daw yung Wimax network. At that time, it was my mother who received the call, it was a busy month for us so she declined to give further comment because we were travelling.


      About a week before January, my brother noticed a change in speed in the internet. It was a crawling 2G speed at best. So we made calls and confirmed that we would migrate to the LTE one (against our wishes). So we were given an on-site visit schedule. We said yes, this would be the start of several on-site visit schedules where the contractors/technical support/support group would not call us or text us if they would cancel or continue with the visit. Please take note that most of the schedules, it's the support group that sets the date and time and they are not that flexible.


      Today would be the 6th or 7th attempt of an on-site visit. And AGAIN, walang call or text to inform us of any changes.


      When I would call to complain about it with the CSR (211), it's always the same thing. They'll make an escalation, may tatawag na daw after 24 hours. No one would call so I make another call, and then an escalation will be made of the escalation that didn't work. And believe me, the escalation is ENDLESS.


      When pressed for more information, they show that there is a disconnect with the customer services of Globe. Shockingly, a mobile company does not have any way of connecting the CSR, support group and contractors OTHER than through slow email.


      Another problem is the extent of dishonesty of Globe's contractors/sub contractors or whatever they are called. When I call CSR to follow up what the contractors are saying, they would claim that they visited the apartment. But upon interview with the caretaker, wala naman pumunta. They'd claim, na di sila pinapasok ng security guard. Walang tao sa information or whatever. However CCTV records on the alleged times they came showed up nothing. They even lie saying they tried calling us through our mobile phones, wala daw reply or busy daw. When in fact, andyan lang phones namin. No call registers on the screen. The times they said na wala daw tao sa apartment, those were times my brother filed a leave of absence just to wait for them. Or my parents would cancel their events just to wait for them. OR FOR ME TO STAY UP AFTER A 48 WORK IN THE HOSPITAL JUST TO WAIT FOR THEIR CALL/TEXT.


      Yes I'm a bit cranky right now.


      So my problem is also that the CSR seem to be useless. Escalate sila ng escalate, endorse ng endorse and nothing happens. They can't do anything else beyond email. They don't have the numbers of their counterparts. And worst, sometimes they don't log the calls or even DROP the call if you're begging for any hope of proper service. Oo, I've called several times to find out that the previous agents who I've wasted 2 to 3 hours of my life talking, did not even bother to make a notation on our account about the times we pleaded for help.


      Right now, I am asking this community, what can we do?


      We are being charged for 2G-like internet service, we are being scheduled for onsite visits that no one shows up to, and finally the customer support of globe is one massive tangled web with no clear quality control.


      Right now, I have called like 4 times. Two calls were purposely DROPPED by the agent. His name is Ronillo. I have a list of names here and I doubt if they're the real names of the agents.


      Another promise they've made is call or text if they would continue with the on site visit. It's already 5:30 pm. We've already put our lives on hold just to finish this problem.

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          I received a call 4pm. After several minutes of useless conversation, biglang binabaan ako ng call ng agent.


          Another call after that, I was asked by the agent to call again AFTER 8pm  kung wala pa rin tatawag or tetext na contractor. So I called after 8pm. Another agent said na it's not her department daw handling migration even though I called the right number. She transferred my call to the "right" department and got a recorded message saying office hours are 8am to 8PM. Napamura na talaga ako.


          Another call and this time I forced the agent to read the contents of my account before forwarding me to some other department. I asked her to count the number of escalations and calls that I have made. 27 reports. Just for the same problem. She told me to look for her supervisor Ian Aguilar tomorrow. Promise nya AGAIN na bukas may tatawag or mag tetext.


          Bwesit na talaga. 2G pa rin speeds ng internet.


          My dad wants to cut the service already. I'm the one just holding on because the line was an old one. One of the few left from when Wimax started.

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            Still no change with the Wimax modem. It's another day and another promise. Will be awaiting another call if they ever call.

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                Called this morning. Wasted another 2 hours. Again another escalation. Honestly, why can't they just talk directly to the the support group or contractors?


                They don't even know the identity of the contractors which is scary.


                Got a call back about 6pm. Another promise tomorrow.


                What I hate about this is that when I call, they insist that my schedule for migration is March 12, 2016. Yes I know it's March 12 except were already March 14,15 and 16. If somebody came or called/texted last March 12, I wouldn't be calling 211. Stressful sila.

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                    I understand your concern ramlars2016 I had the same issue with the previous contractor that was assigned to our area. Here's what I suggest, demand that an onsite tech to be sent to your home and provide your specific date and time of availability since you have already wasted how many days waiting for the onsite tech to migrate your connection. I will also tag our community managers may be they further assist you on this issue. Tagging nelskib paulos

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                        Thank you. That's just it. March 12 schedule 1 to   5pm. Since no one called us morning or after 1 pm. Called 211 and asked for another scheduled. I was promised a March 14 schedule.


                        Same thing happened. Asked for another schedule. Nag promise sila March 15. Support group confirmed by calling me about 6pm that March 15 is the schedule.


                        On the day, same thing happened. Another round of talking with useless CSR and a supervisor and CSR dropped the calls. How rude. Managed to talk to another supervisor. Another promise March 16.


                        Guess what, nobody called morning. So I called again. This time demanded to talk to a supervisor. Thankfully didn't get dropped. Promised again she will facilitate by escalating AGAIN. She called me 6pm to inform me that someone will be visiting us tomorrow. March 17.


                        This time around, we will not be putting our day on hold just for them, ayoko na mag ask sa Brother ko to file for leave. My parents will go to their events. I've asked that we be called 6 hours before the schedule taking into consideration the traffic. I'm not holding my breath though knowing how dishonest the contractors of globe are.


                        While I was talking with the supervisor today, my parents were at a globe store complaining.same thing, escalation ulit. Walang katapusan na escalation.


                        I'll update if may tatawag/text ba bukas.

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                          It's almost 11am. Again did not receive any call/text from any of the numbers we have given. So I'm talking with the CSR, the usual escalation na naman. Supervisor ulit kausap ko, a different supervisor.  52 minutes on hold and counting.

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                      Tapos na makipagusap with supervisor. THANK GOD may sense itong nakausap ko. He has the direct number to the migration team and he even has the number of the dispatcher for our area. The bad news:


                      • Naka block daw mismo ang company phone pag tinatawagan ang dispatcher. Kasi kung tatawagan, laging napuputol mid-ring at nabubusy. Nakakainis.
                      • So he called the migration team leader. Totoo na scheduled kami today for a change of modem. PERO SABI DIN NG LECHENG MIGRATION NA POSSIBLE DI MAPUNTAHAN TODAY. Kung ganun TAWAGAN SANA KAMI NILA. WAG SILANG PAASA. Nabubwesit na ako.
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                        Finally napuntahan na din ang bahay. Grabe, it took like 3 months worth of calls, escalation reports, letters and emails.


                        Now another round of battles this time bill adjustment. No way in hell are we paying for 3 months 2G connection speed.