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    Handset availability and delivery for Samsung S7 Edge


      I pre-ordered/pre-applied (March 4) for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and was subsequently approved last March 9 (or 10?) 2016. Now, I'm just waiting for the availability and delivery of the handset. So far, public announcements, as well as info from Globe hotline CSRs I've talked to, said that the mass launch is on March 19.


      Question: I'd like to know how likely am I going to get the phone at the very least, before the long weekend (March 24-25) starts?


      I can't really afford to wait longer because my old phone broke down -- so paralyzing for me since I use it for work too. Also, I've heard hassle stories about late delivery of handsets for weeks/months, deliveries without prior notice, stock unavailability, etc. Plus, I can't really make solid plans for the next week since I'm not sure if I should be expecting for a delivery or not. It's quite difficult to only rely on calling the customer sales hotline every 2-3 days just to get an update since it's not the only thing I'm doing.


      FYI, I called the hotline today to get a follow up, still no committed delivery date. -- Can't really shake off the paranoia hahaha.