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    bi 0416

      just want to follow up my plan999 application for globe

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          Paulo D

          Hi kathrinajoybunnao,


          You may get in touch with any of our support channels listed at Contact Us for further assistance.

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              If you re going to follow up through their hotlines they all direct you on their website. Then if you're on their website you will hear nothing from them. Their Live Chat doesn't even work. ONLINE SHOP option is an error code although it's listed in the options.I have already requested a call from them but didn't received any. I submitted my online application last Feb. 1, 2016 with complete requirements but until now it's still an application that you can't even follow up. I also sent them an email (thru Live Chat), twice already, but no action from globe yet. And I've been visiting this site with terabytes worth of hope of reaching someone from Globe to follow up my application.


              What Globe needs to do is remove the options in the Live Chat that are not working or at least notify us.And they also need to tell us whether or not our application is approved so we can look for other service providers.


              It's very frustrating to wait for that long with your cashout money already in place.