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    ask to customer service


      sir madam good day c rene villacarillo po ito my tanong lang po ako na cut n po ung acount ko sa inyo? rene villacarillo po kc ung plan ko hnd ko n nabayaran my na dumating panu po un?

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          Nako po sir. Hindi po namin kayo matutulungan dito. Maganda po, pumunta po kayo sa isang Globe Store o tumawag upang magcheck nila ng maayos ang inyong account. Ang portal po kasing ito ay binubuo ng mga globe users at limitadong Globe Employees at hindi po kailanman dapat maging sakop ng community na ito ang account related concerns.

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            Good day,


            You will need to call Globe's Postpaid billing department so you can at least settle with them how much you should be paying to put your balance down to Php 0.00. You can also dispute some charges if these charges are invalid. Bottom line is that you have to pay Globe what you owe them.


            If you fail to, you will no longer be able to subscribe to a new plan. Worse is they "may" endorse your delinquent account to the Credit Information Corporation (CIC) which is the Philippines' equivalent of Equifax, Experian and Transunion. The CIC is a credit bureau that collects all financial information from Philippine banks and creditors. You would not want your name to look bad on CIC's database..

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              Arnold Zara

              renchloe Simple lang solusyon sa issue mo: pay Globe what you owe them. Since you have not stated facts like when was the last time you paid them, how much are they asking you to pay, and if the line was already permanently disconnected.

              Two scenarios:

              1. Your line was not permanently disconnected yet. If you can pay whole amount, good. But, If you cant pay the full amount stated on the bill, well negotiate Globe. Let them know you cant pay the whole amount and set a payment arrangement with them. How? Call 211 and ask them to transfer you to Credit. If that wont work, send them an email. Remember to always get the name of the person you dealt with and ask for the reference number. After nun, you can continue paying normally and enjoy the service.


              2. You line was already permanently cut and was endorsed to a Third Party Collections agency.

              For this scenario, number one to do is not to panic. But remember; dont deal with the Third Party Collections agency. Dont ask why, just dont. This isnt a hopeless case though. What you have to do is go to a Globe Store. Let them know that you will be settling a historic account. They will tell of course quote a huge amount because that includes either an early termination charge, handset cost, or both. Tell them, you have an intention of continuing the contract. What they'll do is waive the etc, hc, or both. Then, you will continue to enjoy the services and can pay normally.


              Let me know if that helps.