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    Data usage eating up regular load despite connecting to stable wifi


      I recently switched to from postpaid to prepaid. Currently using an iPhone5s. I usually never turn off my cellular data even under wifi. I have never subscribed to any promos as of the moment and only have regular load. Why does the *143# menu keep on prompting me that my load is being consumed by data usage ( and hell, it actually is) when in fact I'm connected to a wifi network? To add, I've already disabled smart switch (negligible anyway since I'm connected to a stable wifi connection).


      I know switching on and off Cellular data from time to time isn't much but doing this EVERYTIME is a chore. Is there any way to remedy this?


      Will subscribing to gosurf or other prepaid promos remove this? And what will happen if my data subscription expires and I have regular load left then I have left my cellular data on?


      I'm obviously on WiFi basing from the picture. And to remove speculations, you can't open the bottom dock to switch WiFi on/off when that prompt menu shows up nor switch windows

      The online support told me to reset my APN settings. To no avail, it's still the same.