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    Globe AirBoost on PLDT Fibr

    Arnold Zara

      Anyone here who is using/have used Globe AirBoost on a PLDT Fibr line?

      They (The people who installed the AB) said that AirBoost's performance is dependent on the internet connection's performance (In my case, PLDT Fibr). But though my PLDT Fibr's connection is working fine, the Globe signal on my location is still weak. Nothing has changed, I still experience no to low signal. I don't know if there were something that was not right on the installation or any other problem on the installation. But, would anyone have/is experienced/experiencing the same issue here after the AB's installation? If so, what are the troubleshooting steps you've taken? Please share.


      I would appreciate a feedback soonest. Thanks

      Looping @paulos

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          Never Used Globe Airboost, but what I read in some forums. Airboost is manufactured by NEC and it is a Femtocell Access Point (FAP)  It needs internet connection to activate but sometimes it depends on how the provider activates the device. NEC made this a plug and play system but not quite sure how Globe design the activation process .Like At&t they have a web activation and it requires to input the location for GPS . Probably Globe uses SIM card activation since Globe airbooster has a SIM Slot .I would say there is something wrong with the installation or how they set it up. Femtocell standard architecture are WCDMA, CDMA2000, LTE and WiMAX. .


          I would suggest to call back the installer and make sure the set up is correct not just saying it's depend on ISP connection while your PLDT fiber line is working fine.
          Hope this helps