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    Help! Confuse costumer here.


      Why is it my jan 27 2016 to feb 26 2016 has two mrf?

      Note: recontract to my lifestyle plan. I was informed that i can use my new plan which is lifestyle plan on march.so, how come i'm paying which i still don't use? And i have rebates because of loyalty so it should be if ever i need to pay 470 plus only why is it 599????


      mySuperUnli P599 (1 month) 02/06/16-03/05/16 1 534.82

      ALL-NEW MYSUPERPLAN (ALL UNLI) 02/27/16-03/26/16 1 0.00

      myLifestyle Plan 599 02/27/16-03/26/16 1 534.82


      Mrf=1069 pesos