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    device issue (outbound call)


      Hi Globe.. Ever since the latest upgrade with your system this month, i tried copying the free ring back of my friend by dialing the number 5 I wasnt able to make outgoing calls anymore that was the very last time that I was able to make a phone call.. I thought that its a problem with my phone..so I checked on the call settings specificaly on the outgoing calls but they are all set and configured properly.. But still isnt working and so I ended up master reseting my phone.. Aftet the reset It still did not work. And I went to the last option I already thought of "CHANGING MY NUMBER" I then bought a new sim card as soon as I inserted it had load and tried making a phone call still same problem.. I dont know what to do anymore I hope that this problem of mine wont end up changing my service provider because I really love globe, but if thats the only solution I might have to.