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    hi Newbie here, Help load related


      So i just, loaded a 300 loadcard, then sent GOCOMBOAHAF241 to 8888, and nothing happend/ or replied if it was activated. So then i decided to send GOCOMBOGKEA47 and few seconds 8888 replied it was successful, then i tried GOCOMBOAHAF241 again and yet nothing happend. Also inquired my balance 222 replied my load is already 12 pesos also idialed *143# for the gosakto balance inquiry it replie " they detected multiple registrations was sent from my globe #, now my problem is globe ate my 241 registration load bcuz i did't get any text regarding in my registration. How can i get it back? Tried registering the promos before 11pm march 24, 2016 (for future reference)


      Help please thanks!

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          You need to report this to Globe Prepaid Representatives. Just call 211 via mobile or (02) 7301000 via landline. Follow the voice prompt so that your call will be routed to Prepaid and our Prepaid team will investigate the concern and if the concern is valid that you really lost that amount surely they will make an adjustment. Adjustment will took (within 24 hours). Operating Hours: 8am-10pm