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    No delivery of ordered cellphone, no followup, no callback


      So i ordered a galaxy s7 edge for my postpaid plan. I had to order twice because they had an error previously and it consumed almost 1 1/2 hours of my time. Anyway i got the plan and unit approved.Delivery was suppose to be Mar.23.


      I called mar 23 morning to reconfirm my delivery and the customer service said that yes ill get my unit that day. Note it takes approx 15-30mins to talk to Globe.


      My unit didnt arrive. Nobody texted. So I called 530pm re this. Another 30 mins. The customer service said he will REALLY coordinate this. And i should expect a call re what happened and when my unit will be delivered.


      Today 28 hours have passed. No call re my unit again. No text. Im discouraged to call Globe since they might tell me again that my concerns are noted and they will call back or something - and it wont happen again.


      So in writing this on the board instead. I hope Globe takes this seriously and replies ASAP.


      Btw, my plan got approved meaning effective a few days ago.... im NOW PAYING AN UPGRADED 1799 PLAN WITH NO NEW CELLPHONE. and pls dont forget i have to make 30mins calls for updates and issues that no customer service really addresses my concerns, calls back as promised, and really no way for me to know how things are going. Globe just says they will note for othwr departments and expect a call. Didnt happen.