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      Im the new member here, im so pissed with my registration data  i dont know why it wont be able to load my free 7 days of facebook? It happened twice thats why im so pissed with it. May you help me resolve my problems are? I am a prepaid sim subscriber.

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          Just try to send text: FREE FB STATUS and send to 8888. To check status if your really have a Free FB.


          1. Once the customer’s Free Facebook has been provisioned, s/he will see a Facebook with Free Data banner at the top of the Facebook mobile site or app. It may take a few minutes before activation of free Facebook is completed. For Android or iOS Facebook apps, log-out and login from the app may be necessary before the free Data banner appears. Until the Facebook with Free data banner appears, use of Facebook is chargeable.






          2. Free Facebook may be accessed from any of these channels:



          1. Mobile site (m.facebook.com)
          2. Official Facebook Android app
          3. Official Facebook iPhone app
          4. Official Facebook Java app
          3. Postpaid and prepaid customers who have any active promo may also access the official Facebook Messenger app for free. Use of Facebook Messenger is free except for VoIP (calls).


          4. If a Customer on free Facebook clicks on any external link while browsing his/her Facebook newsfeed, s/he will receive an advisory of charge together with an upsell of data promos.





          5. Free FB is not available on Blackberry devices.

          6. Accessing external links or sites, e.g. Youtube, Yahoo, etc., using internet-based apps (other than official Facebook apps) as well as using BlackBerry devices, will be charged regular browsing rates of P5 per 15 minutes unless registered to other mobile internet offers like GoSURF. Use of Facebook applications will also be subject to regular browsing rates.

          7. Chatting via the official Facebook Messenger standalone app is included in the offer, except for VoIP/voice calls.

          8. Free FB offer is applicable for local (Philippine) use only. International roaming data rates will apply once customer leaves the country.

          9. There is no minimum maintaining balance required to use free Facebook.

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            I currently registered to SUPERFB until april 01 2016..i already checked my internet setting.But still it stuck...  when i open my facebook it appears i have no data and use the free data which is i cant even see any picture using it. Thank you for the responce...