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    Why does it take forever to downgrade my plan?????????


      On March 18 2016 loyalty reward agent called me and and asked me if i'd like to upgrade my 2mbps to 3 mbps just add 100pesos. I decided to upgrade my current plan to 3mbps (thinking it wud be even better) after almost 2 weeks of using the 3mbps (upgraded plan) I called globe to retrieve my previous plan which is d 2mbps(reset daily). 50gb monthly reset won't last long for me because I mainly use the internet for work. I've been reporting this to globe since March 19 2016 but til now nothing happened. Puro nalang "we escalated ur concern to our support and just wait for 24 hours" Ilang 24hours na ung hinintay ko wala pa rin!! I even talked to 2 supervisors pero wala din. On March 23 or 24 after talking to one of the supervisors I received a message "it will resolved not later than MARCH 28 helllooo?? It's already March 29!!!!!  I badly need my plan back. Everyday ako tumatawag para lang sa concern ko. Paulit ulit lang din snasabi  "we made a report na po and escalated it support just wait for 24 hours" Maayos paba to?????????!!!!!!! It really affects my job!!!!!!