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    (Postpaid) If I'm already subscribed to GS299, what happens if I subscribe to GS50?


      I'm currently subscribed to GOSURF 299.


      If I subscribe to GOSURF 50, what would happen?


      Would my usage within the next 3 days count against GOSURF 50 (350MB) until it consumes the whole 350MB or GOSURF 50 expires?

      Or would GOSURF 50 data allowance (350MB) add up to my GOSURF 299 (1.5GB)? So for the whole month, I have a cumulative of 1.85GB data allowance?

      Or my usage would count against GOSURF 299 allowance first before it hits the remaining 350MB? (In which case, add-on subscriptions are practically useless.)

      How about the other freebies (Spotify, Games, etc)?