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    Anti Bill Shock no longer unlimited ?


      I use a GoSurf299 plan with my Tattoo LTE SIM - and for nearly 1 year it worked perfect with the "Anti Bill shock" and no capping

      Luckylie it was March 28 (3 days ago) when I received this email - and my Internet as only running at 64kbit

      "Dear customer, we noticed that your plan's mobilde data allocation has been used up and your usage is now exceedingly high. To maintain quality service for all our customers, we're now shifting you to slower browsing speed until the end of the month. For higher data allocation, you may want to consider applying for a Globe Home Broadband plan via (02) 7301010. Thank you."

      Ok, in March my router statistics told me that I was about 8times over my usual monthly data usage - and today my Internet is back to normal.
      So if there was a capping it really ended end of the month.


      But as I find no information about a change in the rules of the Anti Bill Shock - does anyone else encountered this - and if yes how is a capping now working on the GoSurf with Bill shock plans ?