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    Recontract Pre-order Freebie for Samsung S7 Not Available for Hotline Transactions


      In Globe's website, before March 14, 2016, it said that if you pre-order the S7 now you will receive a freebie along with the phone - an S7 Clear View Cover.

      I called your hotline (027301300) as your website and the people in your outlets advised. I finalized my recontract with your network and I pre-ordered my Samsung S7 Flat last March 14, 2016.

      I inquired about the freebie and your people didn't seem to know anything about the said freebie. I thought "Hey, maybe they will just include it in the package."

      I was told that the latest date I would be getting the unit would be April 1, 2016 (Friday). I was also told the courier would give me a call once they were on their way.



      I called a few times before April 1 just to follow-up on the delivery status of the phone and they said I should just keep on calling them to followup on the delivery. They kept telling me to wait for the package and follow-up with them over and over.

      I asked about the freebie again and still your people were clueless about this. They just told me that it's a different deal with the hotline and online recontract and that the hotline offered no freebie BUT your website keeps telling people to call your hotline in order to pre-order the Samsung S7.

      I looked it up online again just to be sure. By that time, people in globe communities/boards were discussing that the pre-order recontract freebie they received is the "Samsung Level U Wireless Headphone." It was fine for me since it is considerably more useful than the Gear VR (offered by Smart) or the Clear View Cover. I was still under the impression that any pre-order should provide a freebie even if it isn't the VR.

      Well, it's already past 6pm - April 1 (Friday) and still no S7 at my doorstep and no text or call from the courier since March 14.  I called your hotline and a rookie agent handled my call. I had to escalate just to get clearer answers from your side.

      They told me that the courier came to the address I gave them on March 28 (Monday) and I wasn't there to receive the package. I was just there the whole day. There was no call or text that they were coming and the guard told me he was not able to entertain any couriers that day.

      What ticked me off is that they did not even call or send me a message. And then there was no follow-up. Worst, THEY DID NOT MAKE ANY OTHER ATTEMPTS TO DELIVER THE UNIT BETWEEN MONDAY AND FRIDAY.  FIVE DAYS. HOW COME?

      Then I asked about the freebie again. They still kept insisting that the hotline recontract pre-ordered phones do not include any freebie. A PRE-ORDER IS A PRE-ORDER NO MATTER HOW YOU LOOK AT IT AND WHERE YOU MADE YOUR RECONTRACT TRANSACTION. Should there really be a delineation for this?

      Plus, your people and your website kept pointing to the hotline for recontracting. There was no disclaimer in the website about having to process the recontracting via the website just to get the freebie.

      WAS THE FREEBIE ALL JUST A HOAX? Globe, please! The other provider has already exceeded you because they offered the GEAR VR for the S7 pre-ordering. You could only offer a measly phone casing or headset as a freebie. I hope you fix this.