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    Gosurf and Supersurf comparizon


      I read everywhere that the difference is that Gosurf is a forfeit of GB while Supersurf is unlimited on a defined period (depending of numeric suffix). This is not perfectly exact and the weaknesses can be prejudicious for example in a semi professional use (but not only).


      - Gosurf is valid for a defined period : if you don't use all your credit of data on this period, you loose it I would had that the price, for exemple p50 for 250 MB on 3 days is really expensive (250 MB is today very  small budget)



      - Supersurf stops to provide normal speed when you reach a certain volume (depending on the suffixed number). It is ok, but 1) the limit is here also too short, and 2) there is no previous alert if you are about to reach the limit. There should be an alert when you reach for example 80% of the limit and the possibility to analyse which user is consuming to much data