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          May I know the required salary for plan iphone 6s plus 2499?

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              hi jayson,


              listed below is the cash out for the handset that you inquiring,


              APPLEAppleiOSiPhone 6s Plus 16GB                               24,000                                24,000                                15,600                                  4,800
              APPLEAppleiOSiPhone 6s Plus 64GB                               28,800                                28,800                                20,400                                16,800
              APPLEAppleiOSiPhone 6s Plus 128GB                               33,600                                33,600                                26,400                                21,600

              but for the salary needed/required for your query depends on you GMI (Gross Monthly Income), if you want you can visit nearest Globe Store & provide your GMI to validate.