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    What is my landline bundle?


      My Wimax plan has a Globe Duo bundle (a Huawei phone). The agent said that it has a cellphone number and a landline number. I already got the cellphone number by using the duo phone to my cellphone. Now I want to know what is my landline number.


      I called 211 and an agent told me that the 8 digit number is my landline number since it is unique. I received a text message from 8888 and and 8 digit number is my number.


      Is this really my landline number? An 8 digit instead of 7 digits?


      Also my Aunt is confused about it too, cause she too have a plan. i tried calling her number that she received too.. but it end up saying "the number you have dialed is incorrect"


      My number starts at number 2***-***8