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    Location transfer


      Hi , everyone or someone who can help me for real, I m foreignor, intending to transfer my globe broadband location from pasig to mandaluyong. I am right really getting mad about globe customer services, because no one could give me a solution for my issue, which I think is a common for others too, because peoplea always  moving different place, right? However, I called 211 in mobile and 7301000in my phone many times, and they just tell me wait until suporting team contact me after 24hours, and I called on tuesday in globe store ,and also provided my new location address to them, but nobody contact me at all, the custom service also didnt give me the reference number for my issue, I tried to call them again and again, everytime I need to repeat my issue, they say will transfer to supporting team or somewhere, but only music playing and nobody anwser for an hour!!! I m really sad about globe service and feel helpless about my issue, is there anybody have encountering this situation and any advice? How could I move my homeland broad band move to my new place??